xm circuits — — —— 11ai

2019 |||| 11ai
Constructed as loops (circuits) for listening, relaxing, scoring, dancing, and reverse engineering.
download the xm files to play as circuits in milkytracker or another tracker/player or play online in bassoontracker


dreams of you.xm
download online audio
hope 4.xm
download online audio
wait 4.xm
download online audio
download online audio
wake up.xm
download online audio
aspects of love.xm
download online audio
**Modules (.mod .xm etc) are files that contain music data, similar to MIDI, except that it includes the sample data as well as note data, allowing the files to sound the same when played in different places. games and programs from the 90s until now have used this format to play music because a song that might be 10 megabytes as an audio file could occupy just a kilobyte of space. All of the XM files on this album are around 1 megabyte, whereas lossless WAV recordings of them tend to be around 20 megabytes.**

Download the .xm files and play them in milkytracker for the optimized sound and looping functionality.